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plumtree's Journal

miss k
22 August
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i can sleep all i want when i'm dead.

a perfect circle, abortion, adoption, american beauty, angst, antifeminism, aqua teen, arthur, battle angel alita, baz luhrmann, being classy, being swank as fuck, beth's cafe, bjork, black tea, body modification, bonnie and clyde, boots, britcoms, bumbershoot, but i'm a cheerleader, caffe vita, caffeine, cats, charming the ladies, chefs, christmas lights, cleaning, cocaine, cocktails, cooking with tweakers, craig kilborne, creative injuries, dictionaries, diet coke, dirty martinis, dollar bowling, domestic arts, drawing, drugstore cowboy, ducks, duct tape, dusk, dxm, ebola, empire records, escaping, exotic pets, fasting, film making, folklife, foxy, free samples, fruit, girls, goldfish, grammar, gregg araki, iceland, independent films, kerouac, kevin smith, king missle, lain, latin, laughing at you, leprosy, love, lying, lysergic acid diethylamide, mardi gras, mdma, meth, methylphenidate, metro buses, midnight dining, moon on a stick, mr. rogers, my little ponies, my subwoofer, my vices, nalgenes, naral, nat shermans, nip/tuck, not breeding, nowhere, pajamas, phenethylamines, pi, pi day, pin-up girls, plotting, pool night, pornography, powdered toast man, psychopharmacology, purple, qi gong, radiohead, rats, recipes, ren & stimpy, requiem for a dream, rice, rocky votolato, screenwriting, sewing, sigur ros, sketching, soul stealing, spun, stalking you, starlight express, stereo total, stolichnaya, strip clubs, subarachnoid space, sublime, summer, surface piercings, surround sound, sushi, t-tops, taiwan, taoism, tart, tea, thai food, the beatles, the oc, the plague, thrift stores, tofu, top hats, totoro, trickery, typewriters, unicorns, veganism, vegetables, veterinary medicine, vhemt.org, viva la bam, vodka, walking barefoot, william s. burroughs, winsor pilates, yak shaving day, yellow submarine