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[07 Apr 2005|04:34pm]
i'm using the free wifi in caffe vita, and there's a group of noisy feminists planning some feminist picnic/convention or something. it's hard to concentrate on my studies when i really just want to tell them to shave their armpits. and damn, girls, cut your she-mullets. *shudder*
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[20 Feb 2005|12:47am]
i just watched "supersize me" for the first time. i think i'm going to eat carrots and water for lunch tomorrow. oh dear god, i almost cried watching that movie.
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[11 Feb 2005|01:47pm]
i had a terrible dream last night.

i was at the airport, about to catch a plane to my "dream vacation home" in L.A. (damn, i wish that really existed). i attempted to board one of those shuttles that takes you to a different part of the airport, but accidentally got on this open-air safari-looking thing that was going to portland! i tried to get off, but the bus driver looked at me with a really menacing smile (pointy, drool-covered teeth) and red satanic eyes, and hissed "sit down!"

i bet stephen king has dreams like that. the only difference is that HE writes a full-length novel about them, and I write a livejournal post about them. what a lame-o. he makes more money than i do, though. maybe i should rethink things and become a horror novelist!

Back to dream. eventually, i got to portland and took a greyhound bus back - and somehow caught my plane. Spooky.

When i woke up, i realized that my cat had spilled a Corona on the carpet, and the smell of beer lingers always. unless i could, you know, thrown my carpeting in the washing machine. Plus she got into my corn chips and left crumbs everywhere. I wish i had been awake for this fiesta. now she's back to licking her feet and clawing my furniture like a normal cat. I should set up cameras to see what she does at night.
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[28 Dec 2004|12:42pm]
a few things.

i was watching emergency vets the other day, and this lady was like "this is my wolf/german shepherd mix!" and i was like, "dude. that's just like, a husky."

futhermore, i've decided to become an advocate for men's rights due to a certain scenario played out in my head. a girl brings a girl home, and her boyfriend catches her. he thinks it's hot. a boy brings a girl home and his girlfriend catches him. she gets pissed. except, i'd be like, "damn, boy. share already."
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[30 Nov 2004|04:38pm]
i'm moving into my new apartment tomorrow! i went grocery shopping today, and talked to brian from comcast. they're installing my magic cable on thursday.
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[04 Aug 2004|06:20pm]
a box? a box? is it filled with a pox?!
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weird. [17 Jun 2004|01:21pm]
the night of graduation i got kicked out of my parents' house. i'm living in lake forest park in a dining room.

besides the fact that it looks like someone robbed my old bedroom, i'm doing really well. there were a few instances where i did a double take and had to look in the dining room and see my bed to reassure myself that it all really happened. i'm not going to post about the details, but you can ask me if you really care.

but i got two new rat baby girls who are about three or four months old. i got a pink-eyed white one named jingo. she's really nice and calm for a baby. I also got a grey-and-white little hooded girl who's really shy but still mellow, and named her chloe. i caught buster sleeping on top of the cage and squirted him with water, a.k.a. the hand of god. tasha encouraged these pets, as did ian, who apparently loves rats.

i randomly got paid today, so that's nice. we're going to USC 8 on saturday. it's weird to live in the 'burbs.
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[24 May 2004|09:37pm]
i generally felt like convertibles were mid-life crisis cars...and mostly looked like cars with a shirt on when the top was up. now i'm partial to european-made convertibles. i see them everyday in the car lot next to my work.
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[21 May 2004|09:34am]
i hate when people say "cyberspace". it rarely happens, thankully...like only on the news. but still, a lot of people watch the news. i can see it now: a bunch of suburban mothers getting net nanny because they don't want their kids getting into trouble in "cyberspace". hello? it's really not 1993 anymore. does anyone remember the show "freakazoid"? it had the word "cyberspace" in its themesong. this is the only context in which this word is acceptable. the one and only.

meanwhile, i'm once again eating a healthy breakfast of salsa and chips (the former being the most dominant), and have not yet managed to get it all over these money orders for ebay. it'll happen, though.

"oh, here's payment for your item. it's now tomato-and-garlic flavored too, so after you cash it, you can eat it."
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[17 May 2004|11:19am]
i do declare (in my southern accent) that things are going well. although i was nearly positive that school was a lost cause, it turns out that i have only a manageble amount of crap to do in the next three weeks. i mean, i will have to work like a mofo and not stay out until 2 am every night, but i think i can do it. for my own purposes, i have made the following list:

  • research paper

  • get eyva to recreate chemistry contracts

  • log hours from naral internship

  • log school service

so all the crap is actually done besides the research paper, i just have to put it all on paper and get various folks to sign off on it.

i doubt that you care. but as i previously said, that list is for me.

this large workload happens to inconveniently coexist with the creation of some sort of romance, which of course, is occupying my mind almost completely. this poses a problem (see the afforementioned staying out until 2 am every night) when it comes to actually finding time to sleep and do homework between school, work, and social life. i should, in theory, ignore my social life, at least for the time being, but i don't know if i'd be able to keep my sanity if i ignored these recent romantic developments. ooh-la-la, cough-cough.

i'm really rambling and keep repeating myself. my mom stole about 50 tubes of acrylic paint form her work for me. maybe i should learn to paint?
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triple navel [11 May 2004|10:02am]

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biggity bam, bomb fuckin' weekend. [09 May 2004|09:42pm]
for anyone who hasn't been terribly swooned at by me within the past 24 hours, you should really call me and ...uh...let me swoon at you.

i went to garfield's prom, which was essentially my prom, because garfield is essentially my school. the only this missing is my actual enrollment in this school, but i come pretty damn close. all the kids were there, and they were all dressed up, and everyone was happy and dancing. i tried to dance, but my heels were the size of texas, and the floor, slippery as a fish, so it was awkward and crowded as i tried to move without slipping and falling and breaking my valuable neck. i saw katie avery for the first time in a very long while. her dress was really cute (well, whose dress wasn't?), and i couldn't quite grasp the logistics of her hairdo, but that really doesn't matter. trida, daniel carroll, elaine, kenneth, ruth, lyle and i all went out to dinner at classy typhoon (thanks, kennedy, for taking me there a while back), and the girls and i made a girlie bathroom trip and primped. i wore a faux fur stole that was my grandma's, and a black cocktail dress with long black gloves. my mother said that the dress made me look like i had "junk in my trunk," which are words i had hoped would never pass the lips of the mother. *shudder*. anyhow, it took us about a half-hour to drive a half-mile, which wasn't very fun, except for we were totally bumpin' the outkast in trida's mom's chevy lumina. if only it had spinning rims. even the plastic ones would have been nice. we finally made it, though. the prom was mildly uneventful, but we went bowling afterward, which was fun, and the third-grade table group was reunited for one last stand before graduation. hoorah!

then, of course, i worked seven hours (i got off an hour early) after getting three hours of sleep, but i was able to pull through and stay conscious because i had plans to see john after work, (see afforementioned swooning). i'm not going to write about that on the internet, because that'd be really rude, but i will say this: i'm really happy, and that's awesome, because i've been in a horrible senioritis/too much work/too little sleep-induced slump recently, and have really been dragging. after seeing john, i took a cab home. my cabby was really nice, and told me anecdotes about his daughter who was supposedly my age. all in all, good weekend, but i got about eight hours of sleep collectively over the past three nights, and i think it's really time to turn in, even though it is only 9:42.
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[03 May 2004|08:41am]
so, apparently my father is nuts and has cancelled the trip to ireland, even though he's spent the last three years planning it. he decided that he wanted to just "keep the money". i'm glad, i didn't want to go anyway, but this means no three-week-long cocktail party in june, guys. sorry.

but hey, this means more money for me, less guilt about taking two weeks off work, and i can move out after graduation. it also means i can take a trip to somewhere fun like canada or mexico or LA or something, and not care about not having any vacation hours because i used them all on the stupid trip to ireland.

i feel kind of bad for my dad, because i think he really wanted to go. but like i said, only kind of, because he's nuts. he's the one who cancelled it. i wasn't even going to be there for creamfields, which is august 28th this year, for anyone who cares.
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[02 May 2004|09:29pm]
ugh. i'm being terribly petty and teenage. but hey, i am teenage, so i'm allowed to be petty.

nobody will be in our limo because everyone is broke and i don't have a date and chronology sucks and i wish i were older, in which case, i would have already missed my senior prom and could dismiss this entire situation with a simple "oh well."

i want my own limo. i will pay all $325 for the night or whatever, and i will cruise about and NOT go to the prom and just get really plastered by my lonesome. and damn, i really wanted that stretch escalade.

i bought shoes to go with the dress i will never wear to my prom. i spent more on the shoes than i did on the dress. and then i got really depressed and drank dirty martinis and ate peanut butter straight out of the jar and now there is peanut butter on the dress that i will never wear to prom.

cindy is coming up here from california to go to prom with zach. he's paying for everything, including her limo and ticket and dinner. i can't even find a date who wouldn't pay for anything. tonight i watched wayne's world and even that didn't really cheer me up. wayne's world always cheers me up.

i called natasha because i feel like she's my therapist, although she might be surprised to learn that. she counsels me with wisdom. but she wasn't even home.

in conclusion, feel sorry for me. except i had a really awesome friday. i'm torn. so, so torn.
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[25 Apr 2004|06:03pm]
i got plastered like a wall last night, and did a bunch of nitrous. it was really fun, until i got my tongue and lip stuck to the cracker, which gets really cold. good thing i couldn't feel it when i ripped them off. then i bled all over my room.

it was really funny, in a terribly sad kind of way. i also watched "party monster" and had to meet somebody from iceland and an uncle or something.
cocktails, anyone?

[09 Apr 2004|11:33am]
boys are neat. i mean, girls are neat too, but boys are especially neat right now.

i bowled horribly last night, came home, attempted to watch "cowboy bebop" and fell asleep instead. i've been working on my website for WEB 120 at central, my website for Intro to Web Design at nova (using adobe golive, cough cough vomit), and a website for this girl in ohio who breeds rats.

meanwhile, people at my work apparently think i'm on all sorts of drugs because i seem tired and i have circles under my eyes.

of course i'm tired! jeez. but hey, i guess i'm a lucky gal because i got two people to buy me drinks last night. isn't it fun having friends who are 21?

tasha made me a neato sign that i hung on my bedroom door that says "do not enter: only classy drunks allowed" and has all these martinis and olives and drunk chicks.
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[04 Apr 2004|06:55pm]
oh god, fanfic is the strangest practice.

in other news, i saw starlight express today, and it was all that i hoped it could be. of course, i sprung for expensive seats, and they were worth it. and then i got a poster. and after taking my parents, i have $7 in my bank account.
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[03 Apr 2004|12:30am]
jesus christ, there's no such thing as a one-year-and-nine-month anniversary.

so i protested protestors today. or tonight, rather. john ordered a really gross pizza with cheese in the crust. tasha and i talked about how much we like kim. then we talked about some other stupid shit....

although this all sounds like half-assed fun, it was really miserable and cold and i felt nauseated the whole time. and i'm horribly depressed to boot. and someone called chris an underage boy and called the cops when she went into taboo, but then everyone was like, "dude. she's not underage. and she works here."

and apparently, there is such a thing as night church, and a hot girl in a striped skirt attends.
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[30 Mar 2004|07:37pm]
oh god, the vegans are at it again. they're talking about sweatshop labor in the vegan people community. i posted a comment, asking them to stay on topic. they're probably going to tell me that i'm a dirty republican. yeah right, like i could ever be.

damn dirty hippies.
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[27 Mar 2004|11:38pm]
we need a bigger swimming pool!

but i'm stilll gonna win. kennedy's taking bets, i believe.
cocktails, anyone?

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